Freshwater Lifeboat Fundraising at Locks Heath Centre

What a fantastic event yesterday, although we got our fair share of rain, it was a great turn out by all.

Lots of nice comments from local people viewing locally owned cars.

Will post how much we raised , when Rob gives me the details

Well done and thanks to everyone who turned up, viewed the cars and generally supported this initiative.

Pen-Ink Impressions of Classic cars


I am a photographer/ designer working in a small studio in Preston, Lancashire.

One line of my work is producing unique sketch-like images (I call them pen & ink impressions) from customers photographs, they work really well
with classic vehicles & so I am alerting individuals and organisations such as yours.

I can supply just the digital file and the customer can then order a host of different products from a wide range of suppliers, I am not geared up
for mass produced items such as coasters & table mats etc, however I can produce quality finished wall art where everything is hand finished in our
studio. I should also add that I work ethically and payment is only made once the ‘proof’ has been approved – if you don’t like it, you don’t pay
for it, this keeps me on my toes and leads to repeat orders.

You can see examples of my work here: and here:

they are a little different and of course unique.

I would be grateful if you can advise your members of my work & I hope I
can be of service to interested people. Thanks for reading this and
with regards
Ian at studio105

Now I have pondered (overnight) the discount you have asked for & I feel I should try and come up with something. So this is what I have decided & I
may make this a policy with other Classic Car Clubs (providing it doesn’t bankrupt me): this is exclusive to your club members & for orders of total value over
£75 (& not including any other special offers or discounts), we will offer 10% discount deducted from the final value of the order (but not including
P+P). This discount will be applied on the strict understanding they include the Promotion Code “LOCKSHEATHCCC” on the email enquiry i.e. I
need to know up front. I’ll be happy to make this code valid until end September 2012 at which
point we should review the situation, and providing it is being used and again, it hasn’t bankrupted me, then we should be happy to extend it.

Drive It Day last Sunday

A big thanks to Neil

He created a superb Drive it route, with turn by turn instructions and a map.

This did not stop some of us getting lost, we ended up in Winchester and I blame my wife, navigation has never been her strong point.

We had 7 cars start on time and  we all ended up at the Sir Joe for a well earned drink.

Bursledon brickworks

Hi Everyone

Malcolm has spotted this and suggests we go along to the 13th of May Event as a Club. Great idea I think, please post comments accordingly.  I will contact the Brickworks for details .Thanks

Thursday 12th January Meeting

Hi everyone

Happy New Year!

I visited the Sir Joseph Paxton today and had a chat with Nick the Landlord.

He is more the happy that we have chosen his Pub as our new meeting venue, he also runs the Cobb & Pen at Wallington, so we should also have a run out there as well.

I can now also upload images to the Gallery page,z so please send me some to post preferably Jpeg and if you can size to 640 wide by 290 high, that does help when loading them up.

Made contact today with three new embers and looking forward to seeing them and you all the the Sir Joseph Paxton at 1930 hours this Thursday 12th January , for the first meet of the year.



Leaflets/Le Mans Classic 2012

Just to let you all know, I have today delivered 20 leaflets to Fareham Borough Council for displaying in the Council Notice Boards spread throughout the Locks Heath, Titchfield, Sarisbury Green etc area.

These will go on display from 17th November and should generate some response and hopefully new members.

Further news is that TSSC have now declared their prices and arrangements for the Le Mans Classic 2012, bookings are being taken as from today for members and will be open to all and sundry in a months time. Bear in mind they have imposed a £40 surcharge for non TSSC members this year, so you may want to consider joining, also £40 ironically, it’s  no brainer.

Nick, Paul and myself all booked.

Goodwood Breakfast Club

The Goodwood Breakfast Club is now five years young, so celebrate the end of the fifth event season in style with the ‘Dream Grid’, as voted by the Breakfast Club fans.
All-wheel-drive vehicles will also be welcome, from Jeeps to Jensen FFs.
Sunday 6th November
Maybe we should all go down to Chichester in convoy, what do you think.

New Website

Well here we are folks the new website up and running, many thanks to my son Tim for his great work. To make this work it will need input form everyone in the club although I will attempt the administration, such as uploading images and events as you post them.

At the foot of each page there is a comments box feel free to post whatever you want, within reason. This in its self becomes our forum for sharing information, as we move forward then I will ask Tim to add or subtract pages, you may well want a technical page, an adverts page and so forth. So this is very much work in progress, and I am sure at our next and subsequent meetings we will debate what content we wish to show on the website.

Please remember it is your website, I will only facilitate the process of posting the information as required. If you google search the Locks Heath Classic Car Club you will find it very easily but I suggest you save to your favourites as this will be the key communication medium besides email, but the website will certainly spread the message far and wide particularly in our early days.

Western Wards Gazette Feature

The Locks Heath Classic Car Club’s first publicity came from an initiative by Nick Revels, he made contact with the Western Wards Gazette and they sent the lovely Rachel along to take some photographs and interview us all. We even had to move the the local park behind Admirals Road to enable her to photograph the cars. Luckily is was a nice sunny day and the initial five members of the club all turned up with their cars.

• Nick Revels with his Spitfire 1500 sometimes called something else due to it’s distinctive colour.

• Paul Young with his Spitfire 1500, don’t ask him how much he has spent on it.

• Tim Martin is his superb Crendon Cobra

• Neil Fletcher in his very nice early GT6 which also has a unique history

• And finally me in my distinctive Lamborghini Burnt Orange coloured Cobra.

It was great free publicity and Rachel did a great job on the article. To read more, follow this link:

We have kindly used some of the photographs to populate the site.