Well here we are folks the new website up and running, many thanks to my son Tim for his great work. To make this work it will need input form everyone in the club although I will attempt the administration, such as uploading images and events as you post them.

At the foot of each page there is a comments box feel free to post whatever you want, within reason. This in its self becomes our forum for sharing information, as we move forward then I will ask Tim to add or subtract pages, you may well want a technical page, an adverts page and so forth. So this is very much work in progress, and I am sure at our next and subsequent meetings we will debate what content we wish to show on the website.

Please remember it is your website, I will only facilitate the process of posting the information as required. If you google search the Locks Heath Classic Car Club you will find it very easily but I suggest you save www.locksheathclassiccarclub.co.uk to your favourites as this will be the key communication medium besides email, but the website will certainly spread the message far and wide particularly in our early days.