The Locks Heath Classic Car Club’s first publicity came from an initiative by Nick Revels, he made contact with the Western Wards Gazette and they sent the lovely Rachel along to take some photographs and interview us all. We even had to move the the local park behind Admirals Road to enable her to photograph the cars. Luckily is was a nice sunny day and the initial five members of the club all turned up with their cars.

• Nick Revels with his Spitfire 1500 sometimes called something else due to it’s distinctive colour.

• Paul Young with his Spitfire 1500, don’t ask him how much he has spent on it.

• Tim Martin is his superb Crendon Cobra

• Neil Fletcher in his very nice early GT6 which also has a unique history

• And finally me in my distinctive Lamborghini Burnt Orange coloured Cobra.

It was great free publicity and Rachel did a great job on the article. To read more, follow this link:

We have kindly used some of the photographs to populate the site.