OK–  I enclose some  photos . as said   the car looked  ok  from 30 feet away…

Once the  paint was off it an ugly truth came to the light–old  ‘get-it-thru -an-MOT-  1970’s bodgery

panel gaps that  were uneven, dings, ripples, creases in panels,

but most especially corrosion of epic proportions in the ( water-trap) sill structure,

as well as various small bubbles that turned into gaping chasms of rust-holes;

all this had bew metal laid in -at all time ensuring that the  door all fitted and everything was fair in plane.

The interior seating  had seat covers–which covered the ugly truth of the underying seats.

the original seating fabric  finish  was rust stained, split  , fragile and  torn

Thankfully the seats  were saved–they were repaired by a plastic welding lady and resprayed in a similar way to re-connolising seats

Even the interior headlining- which was stained and had some small tears in–was repaired and resprayed in situ in the car .

the door cards all had new  hard-board  -etra thin –which was varnished to prevent water ingress and consequent damage

all new brakes , new carburretor and soem extensive rewiring  has made the car a joy to thread though modern traffic.

despite being only a mere 843 cc–in a aircooled flat-twin, the Panhard  will travel  at 75mph on the motorway thansk to a very tall 4 gear

acceleration is fairly pedestrian–but the car will maintain  reasonable pace( and save its face! ) in modern traffic

I   enclose a few images  of the  car   as I bought her

along with a few  images of the scary  bits during the rebuild…

Along with the stunningly rotten  part donor that has since been sold on to assist another Panhard rebuild… and finally the finished product

interior refurrb before.-01 interior refurrb before.-04 interior refurrb before.-05 interior refurrb before.-06 interior refurrbbefore-doorcardr.-02 11-2 112 211 212 a.interior refurrb before.-002 ainterior refurrb before.-001 even more rotten sill interior re-vamp 01 interior re-vamp 02 interior re-vamp 04 interior re-vamp 06 interior refurrb after.-01 panhard finished 023 panhard finished 024 panhard finished 026 panhard finished 027 panhard finished 030 panhard finished 034 panhard finished 036 panhard finished 038 panhard finished 040 panhard finished 044