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Drive It Day 2016

Welldone to Neil yet again for organising a suburb Drive it Day this year, with 30 plus cars participating, it was well supported. Nice Drive on a nice day, with a lunch at then end, well done.

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Wedding of Alex and Louise

Bev and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Wedding

In true fashion they had the Singer and Ruby the VW Camper, in attendance.

Richard had a panic moment when the battery failed shortly before driving the Bride to the Church and a quick trip to Halfords to get a replacement.

In hindsight he put it down to a lose terminal wire, but you do not need that on your daughters wedding day.

It was a ceremony at St Pauls, Sarisbury Green and the Reception at the De Vere at Shedfield.

Heres a couple of shots with the happy couple and the Singer

IMG_4031-1 IMG_4029


Sarisbury Fete June 13, 2015

The Sarisbury fete held last Saturday 13 June was a big sucess on a small scale

A pleasant afternoon was had–not over-run with cars per se but some quality vehicles turned up;

The offer to sit in the cars an have photos taken for a donation £ 1.00

to the Sarisbuty Community Centre went down very well
the most unusual car that showed up was a 360 bhp ( !!! ) all electric TESLA —

Pre-war car were represented well with the beautiful MG TD as well as a elegant Riley

along with a sublime Derby Bentley.

I handed out 30 odd leaflets and met some interesting and interested people..

Community and fete committee reacted very favourably towards the classic cars and suggested they could make space
to accomodate around 30 cars next year…

so planning hats are on!

a few images enclosed ( taken earlier in the day by a friend- ergo some of the other club-members cars are not shown…)

DSC_0060-1 DSC_0059-1 DSC_0058-1 DSC_0057-1 DSC_0056-1 DSC_0055-1 DSC_0054 DSC_0053-1 DSC_0052-1